Machine Maintenance

Topics covering care and maintenance on your quilting machine.

Cause & Effect Series

Longarm technical experts Rick Taylor and Todd Fletcher provide exercises, tips and tutorials that are designed to help you maintain and adjust your machine - achieving a better understand of how to get a great stitch. Learning what effects result for...
Rick's Maintenance Library (2005)

Rick's Maintenance Library (2005)

In this incredible series of videos, Rick Taylor shares with you the knowledge he's gained from years of experience working with Gammill quilting machines. He does more than just show you how to make adjustments; he helps you understand the theory behind...


  1. Are Ricks maintenance video’s still the same for the Gammill Classic + (older machines) I have a Classic + and my DVD didn’t work that well in Europe. I think it might have been that I was playing one part of the DVD and repeating it as I was having some some difficulty where I wanted to correct a problem. My replays repeatedly may have caused it. I just want to know if Ricks older maintenance is still included with the QuiltingSchool subscriptions. Thanks

    • Yes. The Rick’s videos on this site are the same as the famous DVD. We are developing replacement videos using the latest Vision system, and will be posting those over the next year.

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