Legacy – Technical Skills (86 min)

This video is apart of my original set of videos made in the 90’s. I call them ‘legacy’. Although old, the principles are still valid, and you may find your art enriched by watching. Be sure to also check the updated Technical Skills video by clicking here.

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Refining Technical Skills – This is the updated version of Technical Skills.

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– There is no DVD version available for this video. Check out┬áLinda’s updated Technical Skills video┬ápage for a link to purchase a DVD.


  1. Todd,
    There are no videos available on the old site. I’ll post the pictures for you . The new site Now does not have echo, now it plays a spooky type electrical accompaniment. It played that a couple min.? Now you can hear Linda’s voice, with no picture at all. Looking down in the bottom right corner I believe you can see I am having no issues with reception.

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