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Bethany’s premier video showcases her uncanny ability to create new wonderful designed from everything around her. Be inspired by watching Bethany create!

Inspired! By Bethany

Inspired! By Bethany

Be inspired as Bethany takes you for an exciting look behind the design. Not only will you add over 10 of Bethany's unique designs to your quilting repertoire, but you will also learn how to recognize inspirational sources for potential, new quilt designs...

About The Author

Bethany has been a professional long arm quilter for several years and is located in the greater Raleigh area in N.C. Her customers have sent her their quilts from all over the state, Virginia, Pennsylvania and more recently Switzerland! She offers a wide range of quilting options to her customers from edge to edge all-over designs to custom quilting. She often designs all new patterns for many of her custom jobs. This is why She love what she does – the creative possibilities are endless!

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