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“I just love to watch Linda paint with her longarm. I so wish I could do it. I know practice, practice…. These video’s do help me get inspired. Thanks so much for sharing what you do.”


“The gift I won (the OLFA ruler) arrived several weeks ago. I couldn’t be more pleased. That was a very generous free gift! I wanted you to know that I love it and will use it!”

“I just watched this video. I love the fact that I can start, rewind, freeze the frames and watch it over and over when I did not completely understand. It was better than raising your hand in a class full of strangers and saying “I don’t get it, could you explain it again”!!! 😥 LOL I am a brand new longarm quilter (less than 30 days) and feel empowered and inspired!”
-P Murphyl!



  1. Todd, I have a monthly subscription on and I was wondering how all this change over was going to work. I am not able to view any of the videos on this new site unless I purchase them for 39.95 for Linda’s page and it her amounts for other artist. My question is, if I’m paying for a monthly subscription, will I still have to pay extra to view the other videos or am I going to be able to watch anything on this new site? I also don’t want to be charged twice once on and again on this site so how should I go ahead and sign up fir Linda’s new site or what I know if I sign up I will be charged 19.95 again and I just don’t want to pay twice. Please advice me on what I need to do to be able to watch any of the videos on either site. Thank you. Tammy

      • Hi Todd, I just finished entering all my information and signed up for the monthly subscription, will I be able to watch the videos before the weekend? I watch these all the time, especially at night, I take care of my elderly father and I watch all these videos all night while I’m watching my dad. I know I had problems in the past watching videos so I’m hoping this new site takes care of those problems for me so I can enjoy the videos. Thanks so much Linda, your quilting is beautiful and I hope one day I can quilt half as good as you. Thanks for your videos, they help me so much and are a joy to watch, can’t wait to see more. Tammy Altic

  2. Todd,
    How long should one expect to wait to get access to videos after we have entered in the required info per your email instructions?

    • I usually get it done within 24 hours. It depends on amour of requests at the moment, and if it is a weekend. I just completed your Marlette and emailed you directly.

    • Hello Tressa,

      I checked your account, and it has completed the subscription process. You should currently have access to videos. Check for a list of authors. Contact me if you have any other questions.

  3. Hi, Todd,
    I was so excited to use the new site, the I think I got my user name incorrect. Is it possible to fix it. On my user name is sevensisters on the new I listed the user name as just my name. Can you fix it so I can use the new site. I do have an annual membership that I recently paid. I have watch almost all of the videos on the quilting school and love them all.

  4. Thanks so much, I was worried about my mistake. I do love to watch the videos. Quilting is my passion, we made four heirloom wedding quilts with embroidery for my grandchildren this fall.

  5. I know you have probably been asked this a hundred times, but i have paid for the monthly pass and do not have access to the videos do you also have to pay per video?

    • If you have a subscription, you are given access to all the streaming content. You have to option of separately ‘buying’ the same video for permanent download to your computer, but that is not required to watch it.

  6. Todd,

    Please send me in an email how I sign up for annual. My annual subscription ends today Nov 20th. The blue button above says unsubscribe instead of signup like the monthly one does. I dont want to unsubscribe but to renew my account for another year. I learn so much from Linda’s videos and so enjoy her blog. Happy Holidays from Cheyenne Wyoming to Linda and everyone there.

  7. I am unable to play videos. I followed the test link and can play videos from the hosting provider. If I try to play a video it looks like I do not have a membership to watch as I get directed to the purchase video page.
    could you verify my account is setup complete?

  8. Hi Todd,
    I have 2 Ricks Maintenance Library DVDs and I can not play them on my lap top or any of my DVD players. The date on both dvds is 2005. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. can you please give me a telephone number to call? I am being charged for two monthly memberships but am unable to log into. My email isn’t recognized. I need to cancel both memberships. thanks for your assistance.

    • Much of the content is filmed with a Gammill longarm quiling machine, however the techniques are free-motion quilting concepts that are applicable with any short-, mid- or long- arm machine. As long as you move the machine instead of the fabric, you will gain much from the content. I believe teh Pfaff Power quilter P3 is a midarm machine.

  10. o boy i am off to a bad start when I clicked on process nothing happen so i thought ok i need to double click so it looks like i may have signed up twice or maybe more. Please help only need one membership. Thanks look forward to being able to see the videos.

    • As a member you have full access to all video content we have ever created, and content posted from other sourced within this site. You do not need to make any additional purchases to view content. Ensure you are logged in. We do have DVD versions of our video content for sale in case you want the same video on a disc.

  11. I may have just joined twice! Only need one subscription please. Page needs to change showing that the transaction is being processed. Love the site.

  12. Hello. I have Linda’s paper pantograph “Filigree Combined”.
    Trying to figure out how to advance my quilt to start the second row. It doesn’t line up. How exactly should I do that?? Thanks for the help.

    Ann P

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