Linda’s Longarm Retreat!

Classes are held in the rural setting of Etna in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming.  The facility is a newly remodeled community center and it is really nice with plenty of space. Gammill is generous in providing machines. That means class numbers will be very limited, few persons per machine, but that is what these workshops are all about – personalized individual attention.


LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED EACH DAY. (We will need to know special diet restrictions.)

Workshops are 2 or 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00am-4:30pm. The three days of classes are considered a “workshop” and cannot be divided up into “days.” As an added bonus, Rick will teach his 2-hour class on longarm machine tension the night before the classes begin on Monday evening from 6-8pm. For those who are interested, this will be a life-saver forever. Rick’s class is free to those attending the workshop.

Each week is $1100. Space is VERY LIMITED so act now and reserve your ticket to this unique and exclusive event today!

NOTE: If you need to, contact us at Linda will receive any messages that need to reach her. Any technical questions will be answered as quickly as possible. Thank you.

**Cancellation Policy: Students may cancel for a FULL refund up to 6 weeks before first day of class.



Visit June 14th-16th, 2016 (limited to 4 spaces)




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Visit July 12th-14th, 2016 (up to 12 spaces)




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Visit July 19th-21st, 2016

FEATHERS AND FLEATHERS (up to 12 spaces)



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Visit July 26th-28th, 2016 (up to 12 spaces)


2 days of FREEHAND FOR STATLER Owners! (Content taken from Linda’s famous ‘Best of Both Worlds’ series)

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  1. I do not see a cancelation policy anywhere. I come to Star Valley in the summer time and am very interested in attending your retreat. I see that pmt is required with registration, but what is cancelation policy since this is 7 months away.
    Thanks so much,
    Terry Hall

    • I really want to come to the 4th week so bad but just can’t swing the $999 at this time. Is there a down payment and installment plan? Us small town Gammill SS Quilters just don’t make the same dollars as big city quilters do. Thanks for including me in your email and invitation. Dot

      • We have added the ability to make a $300 deposit initially. Then you will need to make the remained payments before May 1st, 2014. ($750 remainder). If you choose this ‘ticket’ then we will be in contact on how to make the remainder payment(s).

    • HI Terry,
      I totally understand what you are talking about. We have to have a payment down because we only want students who are truly committed to come. I know how things can change, etc., and for that reason we don’t ask for the balance of the amount until May 1, 2015 for the summer sessions. Up until that time, if you need to cancel, you can do so with a full refund either by check or back through PayPal. So the money holds your place in the retreat week until May 1st and then is applied toward the balance. Does that help?
      Thanks for asking, Linda

    • The class fee doesn’t include lodging or travel expenses. However there are great places to stay in the valley – and we are working with local business for both deal on hotels and other attractions for family members and friend who would like to enjoy the area while you quilt. 😉

  2. Ladies/Gentleman: You have no idea that the amount includes everything they need for the 3 days and come in empty handed and leave with a wealth of projects completed and knowledge create beautiful quilts, new creations of love. To experience the Gammil longarm hands on for three wonderful days. A chance to try before you buy and dont forget there is financing for that Gammil. I would also like to say the Star Valley area is beautiful place to take your family and a wealth of things to do without the I-pods, I-Phones and computer games. Get back with nature and its beauty and carry a conversation with your kids without the headsets on their heads.

    Trust me, take Linda’s class it is well worth the money and time spent with her absorbing her knowledge of 20 years in the quilting industry. Besides what better way to plan a vacation with your family and get to learn new quilting ideas as well.

  3. Personal Note: Well, Christmas is over. I had a hard time finding Christmas this year. I don’t know why. I just didn’t have that warm fuzzy feeling I usually get with the anticipation of Christmas. I did a lot of reflecting on Christmases past when I was a little girl and my parents were still alive. I think Christmas brings out a little nostalgia in all of us. Rick and I did a little traveling before Christmas and I wasn’t home to think of someone who might need my help this time of the year. I think service to others is huge part of the Christmas spirit and I was just missing that.
    I have had so many blessings this year, so many that they are hard to count. In fact, I gave up trying to count. My family and friends bring so much joy into my life. This year in particular, I felt very supported by all my quilting friends and students. The Gammill Quilting Company went the extra mile to make my 20th longarm anniversary as good as it could be. To my family and close friends, and for all the people over the last 20 years that have helped shape my quilting career into what it is today, my heart-felt thanks. And you can bet that I will be continuing in every way I can think of to make your lives better and more fulfilling. By the way, I found Christmas on my knees Christmas Eve.

  4. Why am I having longarm retreats?
    I had a longarm retreat center in Melissa, Texas, for 6 years. It was the most blissful time! I taught literally thousands of students in this center, many of them now expert, even award winning quilters. We enjoyed learning the art of longarm quilting and made many lasting friendships.
    That all went away when I moved to Wyoming. My hope was to have retreats in my cabin, which I did for 2 years in the summers, but it became too much for me. I had imported help from Texas for those two summers but the bed and breakfast part of it was just overwhelming without the staff.
    Many students were sad when I said I could not have retreats in Wyoming. Some said they have been saving their money and looking forward to coming. I felt bad because I enjoyed teaching, making new friends and getting to know the students on a more personal level.
    The thoughts of a retreat center never left the recesses of my mind, so, 6 years later, here I am, planning retreats again here in Etna. I have rented space in our community center for the month of July and arranged with the Gammill Quilting Company to bring the machines. That is the best time to come to Star Valley, WY!
    I planned each week to try to cater to the skill levels of the students, being careful not to overwhelm and yet challenge them in every way. You need not bring anything with you except YOU. I promise you will go home with way more than you expected and there will be many wonderful surprises!
    This is probably one of the most family friendly areas you could ever visit. We are less than 2 hours from Yellowstone Park – if you have never visited Yellowstone you are really missing out. I visit it every year and it still takes my breath away. We are just over one hour to famous Jackson Hole and the beautiful Tetons with Teton National Park to explore. There are so many places to stay within 10-30 minutes away- everything from little cabins and bed & breakfasts to a beautiful condo can be arranged. And if you are a camper, bring your motorhome, camper or tent and have a ball at the Star Valley Ranch. Will you see wild animals while you are here – guaranteed!
    By the way, if you are driving to Etna for the retreat and would like to bring your machine head for a “check-up”, Rick will be happy to oblige for free!

  5. My hubby and I would love to attend the 4th week together.

    I am a longarm owner for 13 years (and a Linda V Taylor groupie!). I have taken many classes at MQS & MQX.

    My DH is a rank beginner on Longarming. He pieces and is learning his new embroidery Bernina.

    is the 4th week appropriate for him? Or should I send him to the golf course? and just take the classes alone?

    He IS interested in learning the longarm.

    Thank you sew much, Debby Lee

    • Hi Debby,
      Sorry I did not get back with you sooner, we had 7 grandkids here at our cabin until Jan 4th and I just spent time with my family. I am so ready to get back to work and back to my schedule.
      I’ve been thinking about your question. I do have some experience of teaching men in my classes and I can tell you that they tend to be very focused and eager learners. In fact, they seem to be a little more competitive in class and excel far beyond expectations. I wouldn’t worry about his skill level, when he leaves this retreat, he will be on FIRE!

  6. Hi Linda
    I have just seen your ad in the Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine. My new copy arrived this week. I live in South Africa and am a Grade 1 teacher. I have imported a Nolting 20″ Long arm and I have been having great fun with it. I try new things every weekend when my prep for school is done. My utopia would be to attend one of your retreats. I cannot think of anything more exciting. But when I look at the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, my heart just sinks. It is not just the fees for the course, but the airfare that is impossible. I just want to say how lucky quilters are that live in your vicinity to be able to attend a retreat like yours. When you are doing the classes I will be sitting here in South Africa drooling. Good luck with your workshops.
    Doreen van der Merwe

  7. Can you give us a physical address of the community center. My husband is interested in knowing where everything is in reference to the hotel, etc. Thanks,

    • The workshops will be taught at:

      Star Valley Community Center
      107736 Highway 89
      Etna, WY 83118

      If you are looking at a ‘google maps’ then you will want to use the coordinates, as the address does not place correctly:


  8. I see you have posted places to stay for us. Do we mention that we are attending Linda’s class for a discount or are they not doing any discounts. The places looks great. Thanks

      • I have made reservations at the Flying Saddle Resort. The person I spoke with said she had no knowledge of the retreat, so no discounts had been considered. These reservations were made approx. March 27.
        The fee is $119.00 per night in the standard king room. FYI, they charge $10.00 per night for a dog if you stay 4 nights. It’s $15 usually.

        PLEASE: could someone connected with the retreat reply about how to cancel my reservation and refund my deposit for the # 3 class. I know May 1st is the deadline but I don’t see anywhere or anyone to contact if you need to cancel.
        Marlette Louisin

  9. I am signed up for the retreat in July!! Can my husband come along to Rick’s Monday eve. tension seminar? He helps me a lot on adjustments etc on my Tin Lizzie. Matter of fact, I am considering bringing my machine along for the “free check up” from Rick offered. So looking forward to the retreat. We spend the summer in Star Valley. We call it a little bit of heaven. Love it!

    • Absolutely, your husband is welcome to come to Rick’s class and bring your machine with you if you can, he will be happy to give it a check-up. We have snow up to our “you know what” right now, but by July this valley will be heaven again and oh so green with all the moisture we are getting right now.

  10. Hi Linda! After taking your beginning Trapunto class last May in Wichita, KS (I’m the one who had just had back surgery!), I am drooling at the thought of a retreat to learn all-things-LindaTaylor! I know, without a doubt, that I want to be you when I grow up! HA A little late, at my age, but I sooooo want to be able to LA a fraction of what you do. Are you planning on this being an annual thing? I just can’t swing it this year, I’m sure, but will start saving immediately for next year! I also want to say that your post-Christmas post really warmed my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being you!

    • Hi Judy,
      Sorry for not answering sooner, I was on the longarm cruise and NO EMAIL or PHONE. It was a wonderful time however. Yes, I definitely plan on the retreats to be an annual thing. I will eventually have to cut out some of the other shows I do and just do retreats here. I LOVE the shows, but the traveling really is wearing me out. I’m so glad I will see you in Wichita! Good for you. I appreciate your kind words, I’m sure there are people around you who want to be just like you! Thank you for being just who you are.

  11. I’m trying to sign up for week 4 with my credit card, but the screens take me to sign up with Pay Pal which I do not want to do. Will you take my Visa? Please help.

    • Hello Pat,
      When you are taken to the payment screen, you can select a link at the lower right for ‘Not using a paypal account’. Then the transaction does not create an account with them, and you can pay with a credit card in a one time process.

      Alternately, we can arrange a phone call to take your payment information. Let me know if this is preferable.

      • Todd,
        in case you didn’t see my previous reply….I need to cancel my reservation for class # 3 and can’t find anywhere on the website to do that.

        • I will contact you via email. Don’t worry, we can handle any changed to reservations.

          Thanks for the information about Flying Saddle Resort. I’ll have someone check into it.

  12. Hi Linda…..this sounds fantastic! I have other obligations and cannot make it this year. Can you please let me know the dates for next year as soon as you have them. I have a friend who would also love to attend. We will gladly leave a deposit for next yeast. Thanks so much!

    • We do plan to hold retreats every year, even possibly more than one time. We will be posted any information when it develops. We are excited to have so much interest, and look forward to your attendance in the future!

  13. Linda I’m sorry I can’t see anywhere else to talk to you. I was in your last class yesterday. Next time you are in Utah teaching can I sign my daughter up for your class? I know it sounds crazy, as she is only 9, but she is better than me! I was the one in the lace shirt with red hair if that jogs your memory. She won first place at hmqs this year and really wants to learn. I left my email if that is better, thanks for a great class!!

  14. Todd- I am signed up for the longarm retreat week 1. I made my deposit long ago. I have been trying to make the rest of my registration payment and I can’t figure out where to go on the web site. Can you please help me. So look forward to our class. Thank you

  15. I would like to give the retreat to my Mom for Christmas. She is very accomplished as a longarm quilter (I sold her my Gammill!) but I don’t know which class she needs to be in. Can you help me?

    • Hi Susie,
      If your mom is already fairly accomplished as a longarm quilter, I would suggest any week EXCEPT the 1st week July 7-9, that is the beginner week. All the other weeks would have tons of very useful quilting tips and ideas that she would LOVE!
      Hope to see her there!

  16. I am registered for your July 14th retreat (Happy Birthday to me). Is there a list of hotels in the area that are available? Also, I would like to take Pam Clarke’s class but at this time, no one is registered. Is there a minimum number that needs to be registered?

  17. I’m preparing to attend the July 28th class. Before I make airline reservations, I was wondering if you cancel classes due to low attendance? Also, what is the name of the Bed and Breakfast you were recommending? Thank you.

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