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Have questions regarding the site or your account? You can contact us at Please send questions to this email address. Comments to a page are not reviewed by support personnel.

I subscribed to originally. How do I get my access on this site?

You will need to create an account here at and then email your email address to, explaining you want to transfer your account.
You can read more about this change at THIS LINK.

Here are a view tips for when videos are not playing correctly:

1st: The videos on are a part of a membership club. To view the videos, you will need to subscribe to the club. You will need to register an account with the site, and then subscribe to either the monthly or annual subscription.

2nd: The videos on the internet are ‘streamed’. This means the video is sent piece by piece across the highways of the internet, directly from our video hosting service If video is not playing, the first step is to see if the issue is coming from our site or from the video host. The quickest way to do this is to play a video directly from our host. Click here to view a video from If the video plays fine, then you can contact us at with a link to the video you are trying to watch. If there is a problem playing from then visit the following FAQ for a solution:

3rd: Some people are located where streaming internet is not possible due to limitations in your Internet Service Provider. In these cases, you have an alternative. We have begun making videos available in’s video-on-demand service. These videos are available for purchase and then immediate download. The video downloads once and then is saved onto your computer forever. Even with slower internet speeds, you can wait for the download to finish, and then view the video anytime – since you own it.

Click here to view a list of videos currently available in this service.

Where can I get support for iPatternStudio?

iPatternStudio support is provided at


  1. Hi! I tried to sign up for a monthly subscription, but received the following error. Can someone help?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/lindavta/public_html/wp-content/plugins/membership/lib/

  2. I’ve had problems logging in today. I hope I can watch the videos now. I tried logging in under the account heading as I saw no other login heading. I got a “Whoops no page was found…”.

    I tried logging in so I could reply and then I got the usual login in space. I’ll try the videos now.

  3. I am registering for the monthly membership and when I enter my payment information it says CIM Payment profile not found. I have no problems with payment information anywhere else. All my banking information is correct

  4. Please, can you check my account again, I paid for a yearly membership and it says I will be due again in June 2016, but the status says (expired) I think that is why I can’t watch any member content. I’ve been a long time member since the quilting school days and I would like to see those videos again as well as the new ones. I haven’t been able to use the site since June.
    Dianne Dance

  5. I just got switched to the new site and have paid for a yearly membership. Is there a way to access the first videos of Season 2015 that I have missed? Thank you!

  6. I have attempted to buy the annual membership using your paypal button and it comes back with email and password doesn’t match. I’m using the correct email and password for paypal (the email differs from my account here. Somehow your site is not letting it go through. Very frustrating. So right now my subscription is showing pending and I don’t know how to proceed. I use roboform to fill the fields. Paypal opens fine everywhere but your site.

  7. Hello . . . here’s another gliche for you. The PayPal link does not work for me and gives me an error message to that effect and also tells me my email is invalid and password for PayPal. I am able to log into PayPal separate from your website with no issues. It will also not allow me to use any other form of payment either. I hope you can get these bugs worked out because I truly would like to subscribe to the videos.


  8. Yes. iPatternStudio has been purchased by Gammill Quilting. The product is being discontinued and the technology integrated into the new Gammill Statler software.

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