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I got 2 wonderful emails today and I wanted to share with you.  BOTH of my quilts with Cheri Meineke-Johnson “Greg’s Song” and “Swan Lake” were accepted into the finalists for the Paduca AQS show.  Cheri and I are really pumped about that news.  It’s fun to be back into the competitive world; it’s kind of dog eat dog, but  still it’s fun to be considered.  We didn’t compete during the time that Cheri’s husband, Greg, had cancer.  It’s kind of a celebration that we are back in the running. Yahooeee!

Latest Show Quilt by Linda and Cheri (Meineke-Johnson)

I am very honored with the recent win (Excellence in Longarm Quilting) at Road to California.  Thank you to so many who have texted and emailed me with “congratulations!” That means a LOT to me.  I spent a lot of time on this quilt, hundreds of hours.  I have never worked that long on a quilt.  It does not have even ONE crystal on the front of the quilt, but it has 22,000 crystals on the back. I thought you might like to hear the story behind this quilt.  It is very special to Cheri and me.

Six years in the making, this quilt depicts love, faith, and hope.  Cheri worked on this top during her husband’s two-time battle with stage 4 colon/rectal cancer, dragging it around with her to hospitals during surgery, chemo and other treatments.  It helped her as the care-giver to get through the ordeal and stay positive for him.  He has been cancer free for 5 years.
It took Linda 1 1/2 years to complete the quilting with many interruptions and life-changing events in her life. The back of this quilt is embellished with over 22,000 Swarovski hot fix crystals making it a stunning reversible quilt.
Linda and Cheri have decided that there will be no quilt before it’s time!  Priorities in our lives can change in an instant and our talents will remain dormant until we can get back to them.
(All the thread in the quilt is Robinson-Anton Poly Embroidery Thread, Batting is “Linda’s Choice” by Hobbs, all fabrics are hand-dyed sateen)

Full view

Full view

Here is the quilt that won "Excellence in Longarm Quilting" at Road to California

Here is the quilt that won “Excellence in Longarm Quilting” at Road to California