Classes In Houston Quilt Show

The show is a blast! We are having so much fun learning together. Check out these:

Visiting New Zealand

HobbitI think all can say is wow, wow,wow!

New Zealand is the most beautiful country.  It was a feast for my eyes.  I didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

Frank and Melissa took us for a wonderful adventure.  We saw the majestic LDS temple and were able to go through the visitors center with them.  The temple  grounds were incredible.  I am running out of adjectives to describe all the beauty.  It is something you have to see for yourself…


We got up early this morning…

We got up early this morning to take a Taxi to the airport to depart for New Zealand.  We really have no idea of what to expect, other than we will be preparing today for teaching the next three days.

I recently learned that “Hobbitville” is on the north island where we are visiting, so we for sure want to go there if possible.

I am really looking forward to meeting the quilters in New Zealand, there were a couple of ladies from New Zealand in my classes in Adelaide and they were very friendly and helpful and excited we are visiting their country this week.

The first class I am teaching is for domestic machines, so that will be a real switch from the longarms for me.  There are 25 in that class, open to the Auckland guild members only. The second day is a Longarm Demo Class which I am really looking forward to.  Then Rick will teach Gammill maintenance on Friday.
The rest of the time my sweet friend, Melissa Gelder, is going to be our host and take us to all the “hot spots”.


We have had the time of our lives here in Adelaide.

We have had the time of our lives here in Adelaide.  My dear friends, Sharon  and Alison (friends I met last time I was in Australia 2003) have shown us around the town in style.

We were able to visit Adelaide’s incredible animal reserve.  The kangaroos were everywhere and we could feed them right out of our hands.  I think that lowered Rick’s blood pressure right back to normal.  He really loved it.  We also petted the Koalas, they are very very soft; and we also petted a dingo.  This dingo was born and raised in the park, he was a very beautiful gold color, looked like a big dog.  The birds are all amazing colors and look like they belong in cages, but they are everywhere in the trees, no bars.  It just surprises  you to see them sitting a tree, it’s amazing.


Yesterday we had the best day ever…

Yesterday we had the best day ever.  Bruce and Kaye Brown took us to see Sydney.  I know you would need more than one day to see it, but at least we got to see the high points.  We went to the harbor and took a ferry around the harbor.  There were so many ships in the water, some of them really old, they looked like old pirate ships.  We really got a good look at the opera house and all the high rise buildings around the harbor.  I thought it was amazing, I was just soaking it all in.  Then we got on the “red” bus which is a stop and hop bus.  That means you can get on one and get off at any place it stops, then just return to a stop and catch the next bus. The tour was awesome. Sydney is has some very old memorial sites and then brand new buildings, side by side…