1. Linda, I attended your Refining Technical Skills in Salt Lake City in the Spring. The DVD I received in the package won’t work properly. It stops and then will not continue to play. Could you please send me a new one? I enjoyed the information and your fun personality so much. I love learning skills for my long arm and you have so many insightful techniques. Thank you. My address is ***Removed For Security***

  2. Hi Linda, I attended your Fabulous “Fleathers” class in Adelaide ( which was really good) and you ran out of the workbook and 2 DVD’s. Can these please be sent to the address listed below. Thanks. Address is: ***Removed For Security***

  3. I just logged in a guest and tried to log on to to let you know that I am a member of the Quilting School but each time it tells me the address is wrong. I can “unsubscribe” on the Quilting School Account if necessary but need to know if this is the correct way. Thank you.

    Kay Platter

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