Visiting New Zealand

HobbitI think all can say is wow, wow,wow!

New Zealand is the most beautiful country.  It was a feast for my eyes.  I didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

Frank and Melissa took us for a wonderful adventure.  We saw the majestic LDS temple and were able to go through the visitors center with them.  The temple  grounds were incredible.  I am running out of adjectives to describe all the beauty.  It is something you have to see for yourself…

  Then we travelled onto Hobbiton – the Lord of the Rings Shire.  We saw all 40 of the little houses – including where Frodo bagging lived and the Green Dragon pub. They had to rebuild some of the set when they started the new series.  It was amazing to be right there.  Now I plan on watching the series again since will have plenty of time coming home on the plane.

Yesterday, the Gelders cooked a wonderful barbecue and invited some more New Zealand quilters over for a pot luck; what wonderful dishes we had.  Now I am really going to be on a diet when I get home, but I decided not to worry while I was here, it’s been such an incredible experience, every minute of it – the beautiful spring flowers here in Auckland and in Sydney and Adelaide – but most of all the beautiful people, their generosity and enduring friendships.  Now I will go home to winter, and it is beautiful also, but much colder.

We truly hope the old and new friends we have been with during the last three weeks will visit us in the summer in Wyoming!

it is time now to get on the plane for the long track home.  I have a little resting up to do, and then preparing for the trip to Houston and all the Longarm classes for IQA.


  1. Glad that you enjoyed yourself on your whirlwind tour of NZ! Your classes were an absolute joy to take and I am still trying to process all the information.
    I hope you will come back again sometime with a bit more time to enjoy the country:-) I am biased, I think the beaches in Northland are superior to the ones in the Auckland area as are the trails.
    I hope Houston was a success and thank you again for the wonderful classes!

    • Thank you Mathea, I really did enjoy every minute of New Zealand and hope someday to return and also see the South Island. Most of all, I enjoyed the people in New Zealand and loved teaching you. Just keep practicing!

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