1. Thank you for a clear explanation of what’s happening and what we can expect. Todd did a great job of explaining what to do when I wanted to access the site and couldn’t even though I am an annual member on the Quilting School.
    Thanks again, Todd.
    I’m sure there are quite a lot of us looking forward to the new changes.

  2. Hi Linda: I took your “Butterfly” class in Zanesville in June – thoroughly enjoyed it and have finished the project. I do have one problem though. Disc 1 of 2 is mislabeled and is in reality Disc 2 of 2. Where can I send this mislabeled one and get the correct one? Thanks a bunch.
    Janie Stalnaker

  3. Todd,

    Followed the directions to Support and received email I was set up. Anything special I need to do to sign up for YouTube Subscription or does automatically do this for us. Member of the as well and my understanding is these will merge together now when it migrates over.


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