Lots of work to do….

I counted up the quilt tops I have in my special closet.  I have over 100 beautiful quilt tops just waiting to be loaded and quilted.  Some of them are king size (not many), most are queen size, and the remaining are wall quilts.  I bought some of the antique quilts over the years at the IQA Festival in Houston.  Some of them I have traded for quilting with my friends and the rest have all been pieced by my sister, Arline Jones.  Each quilt top that I pull out, I want to do immediately, I just can’t wait.  I am still amazed at the passion I have and the butterflies I get in my stomach when I start designing the quilting for each top. I feel so blessed to have found this art in me at age 43, and now, 21 years later, I look at how it changed my life in such a wonderful way.  The best part is that I have been able to share it with so many incredible friends by teaching what I have learned by doing.  My goal this year is to do at least 25 of those quilts, and you can bet I will be quilting them on the quilting school!


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