Always double check

Yesterday, I was working on a quilt for my nephew’s graduation, yes, it’s nearly that time of year again, and I get really busy in May.  A little personal info about my nephew: his name is Jason, he lives in San Diego, he has a scholarship to the University of Southern California, he is a swimmer.  When I say he is a swimmer, I mean he is a SWIMMER!  He was in the last trials for the Olympics and he did well, but at 15 years old, did not make the team. He swims at his workouts twice a day, 3-4 hours at a time.  We are proud of hm regardless of whether he makes the next Olympic Team, but wouldn’t that be neat?  Anyway, the quilt I am doing was pieced by my sister, Arline Jones  (his grandmother) and it has been really fun.  There is one part on it that I quilted sort of an arrow (pointing him to his goal). Other areas of the quilt, I imagined water, bubbles, waves and things in the ocean, since he also swims in the ocean.  I will post a picture of the quilt when it is bound, but I’m very pleased with it.

When I film for, I like to quilt most of the quilt leaving areas to show the viewers what I did.  While I was preparing the quilt to be filmed, three times as I double checked the bobbin after I had changed the thread, I discovered I had put it back in going the wrong direction.  Each time, I was so grateful that this is always my rule – to double check the bobbin thread and make sure it is going the right direction and I have inserted it properly. I also always make sure I can hear the snap when I reinsert the bobbin case.  After 21 years, you would think I would get it right every time, but I think we get distracted or tired or whatever.  I just thought I would remind you that you can never be too careful.  Double check, it’s not just for beginners!


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