Linda’s Longarm Quilting – Season 600

Continuing her legacy of innovation and creativity, Linda Taylor returns for a 6th season of the industries 1st show dedicated to longarm quilting!

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New episodes being added currently. No DVD available at this time.


  1. I really like the idea of going back to an old quilt and bringing in new ideas and life to the quilt.

    I’m going to try this!
    Thanks, Linda, once again for sharing your beautiful talent.
    Marty Louisin

    • We have played through episode 615 on my Apple (firefox) and on my Windows (Internet Explorer) with no issues. I made a change to the code so that it does not auto-play when the page loads.
      Try the video again, and let me know if that helps.

  2. Good Morning,
    Not sure if it is just for me but only on series 600 the scroll arrows are not working to scroll through the different shows.

    By the way I want to thank you linda. I watch or re-watch shows every morning before going into my studio for the day.

    Lawana Perez

  3. I am having problems, after a few seconds the video is spasmodic. Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried Firefox and Chrome it does make any difference……..sad as I love these videos 🙁

    • I have run tests on many different browsers with acceptable results. If the video is pausing while it attempts to buffer the video often, then it may be your internet speed and/or throughput. Try clicking on the ‘HD’ in the lower right corner which will switch to SD video and try again. Email with results.

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