Let’s Do Trapunto (69 min)

Trapunto at it’s finest! Join quilt veteran Linda Taylor and learn the secrets of amazing Trapunto style quilting. This newly revised video takes a video from Linda’s ‘Legacy Series’ and updates it to the latest techniques. Note: This is an reshot/updated version of Linda’s “Dimensional Quilting” VHS video.

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Trapunto can add so much to the dimension of a quilt, and isn’t that what we are all…

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Trapunto can add so much to the dimension of a quilt, and isn’t that what we are all striving for - texture and dimension. The neat thing is - it isn’t that hard to do on your longarm machine and it certainly is worth the effort. Twenty-year longarm quilting veteran, Linda Taylor, will show you More Info »


  1. Todd, I think I got to see the end of lets do trapunto, it was short but nice. The sign in was at the bottom of the page rather than the the traditional top right corner. If I can get the page to recognize me it would help. I typed in dmiton usrname and dminton14 password, and it did not recognize me? vimeo wont let you fast forward? I have to run out now that is why I tried fat foward

  2. Todd, Went on again today. The website let me log in and took me to the appropriate page. This could just need some kinks worked out, but I think really it is a bit worse because it does not offer you any hope of recovering the page just suddenly goes black? Then of course there is the thing of not having them all on here. I prefer seasons 1 through 5. of Linda, should you continue to try vimeo. The quilt show is having the same problem. I have implemented all it tells you to do.I am up to par in the directions

  3. Go Todd Go! I saw that short one this time no problems! Sound had cleared up when I went back and played it this time. Tomorrow morning I hope to get to go walking with Linda! Ask her if she feels like she walked a couple miles at a high incline. Ha!
    Deborah Minton

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