Machine Quilting For Beginners

Successful machine quilting consists of more than just putting pretty designs on a quilt. The finished quilt must be flat and square, have evenly balanced quilting throughout and, most of all, the quilter should enjoy the quilting process! At a time when it can be tough to find the money to pay for a private class or travel to a major quilt show to seek out machine quilting classes, this DVD provides the next best thing. Let award winning quilter Kim Brunner show you the important fundamentals of machine quilting. With four Teacher of the Year nominations under her belt, Kim brings her popular humor and experience to the world of in-home DVD classes.

You’ll learn how to deal with quilts that have ‘issues,’ how to make sure the quilt is loaded straight and square and stays that way throughout the quilting process, how to set up your studio and machine in the most efficient way, and more! With techniques that are applicable to any longarm or midarm machine quilting setup, this DVD, dubbed an ‘instant classic’ in magazine reviews, is suitable for all beginner level stand-up machine quilters

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