Whimsical Feathers (29 min)

Feathers, feathers and more feathers. Each quilt artist has many techniques and Irena has won many awards using hers. Come join Irena as she demonstrates her feathers.

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  1. Todd you can watch Irena but you can’t really listen echo voice? Seems to me someone shot the video from the left wh ile she was sewing. Love that thread she is using? Echo stopped on second row, so far……Didn’t get my work out trying to let you know what the issues are. Videos are disappearing off old page, or no longer playing I should say.
    Debbie Minton

  2. As of November 28th, 2014, still exists and contains all the information and video content it has always contained. We are transferring all the video content over to Once it has all moved, then we will close You will not need to pay any more than you currently paid to access both sites. It you have a subscription on, contact me via and we will add your additional access to this site.

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