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Cheri shows off her amazing skill and talent with hot-fix crystals from Swarovski Crystals.

Cheri's Hot-Fix Crystals

Cheri's Hot-Fix Crystals

Learn how to apply hot-fix crystals to any project with Cheri's innovative techniques and tools. **If you are having issues with video playback (like double audio) download and try Firefox free web browser. Related Links  

About The Author

CheriCheri Meineke-Johnson, is well known for her work with Swarkovski Crystals, as well as her amazing, prize winning quilts.  Since 1998, Cheri has worked closely with Linda V. Taylor, who machine quilts her projects.  Their creative partnership has proved to be a very successful blending of talents.

Using a technique known as “Fussy Cut“, Cheri applies her appliques to solid fabric. After Linda masterfully stitches and returns the finished quilts, Cheri embellishes them with crystals.

Quilts aren’t the only surfaces Cheri likes to decorate with crystals,  though. She also adds Swarkovski Crystals to jeans, tops, purses and yes, even her glasses.


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