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Join Alice Wilhoit in learning the secrets of great hand appliqué and tips for excellent piecework. This will help newbies as well as veterans. Even longarmers will pick up ideas!

Crazy Patchwork

Crazy Patchwork

Crazy Patchwork - learn a fun technique and how to embellish with all those embellishments you have been saving. **If you are having issues with video playback (like double audio) download and try Firefox free web browser.
Springtime In The Garden (5.8 hrs)

Springtime In The Garden (5.8 hrs)

Follow Alice Wilhoit over this 12 month series and receive: 12 video workshops, live web seminars, forums, beautiful easy to follow electronic pattern packets FREE. In combination with the BOM, you will learn techniques on quilting each block of the month....

About The Author

Alice-Wilhoit-1In 1987, Alice began instructing, and soon coordinated all teaching at the leading quilt shop in her area. Now she teaches in many shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as in other areas of the states, other states, in Canada and on cruises. She has a full schedule of lectures to quilt guilds around the country as well. It is impossible to know how many people this gifted teacher and designer has taught, but it is safe to say they number in the thousands.

Most of us have had the experience of becoming “all out excited” over a new hobby or activity only to cool once the “new” has worn off. Usually this leads to an unfinished project or projects if the excitement was really great, being relegated to a forgotten box on some closet shelf. That was Alice’s story until some 17 years ago when she took a class at a local quilt shop and found herself immersed in a world of infinite possibilities with fabrics. She has never “cooled” or even looked back. In this time, Alice has produced something over 250 quilts, many of them of her own design. Many have won awards in quilt shows and festivals. Her designs and patterns are sold in quilt shops around the country.

Although she designs both traditional pieced and appliqued quilts, her true love, other than her husband, children and grandchildren, is teaching others the art of applique. Through her years of experience, she has developed many labor and time saving techniques to aid in the preparation portion of applique. These she happily shares! One of her greatest joys is seeing someone develop into a dedicated quilter regardless of the style or method chosen.


  1. I did the Springtime in the Garden quilt and thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques as I worked through the sessions. Alice is a great instructor.

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