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Awesome Retreat Week!

I have been so busy with all the preparations for the retreats, I haven’t had much time to blog.  The first week’s classes were just amazing.  We talked and laughed and learned and quilted all week. They all just finished up yesterday and are now on their way home or on their way to visit the sites in the beautiful area.    This last week was the beginner week and oh, my what a wonderful gathering of enthusiastic new longarm quilters.  They were so thrilled with the projects they finished and all the other fabulous surprises during the retreat.  It was so fun to see their confidence level swell over the three days.   I feel so good about it because my goal is to make sure they know “if I can do it, they can do it.”  Several of them are already planning  to  sign up and come back next year for the next progression of classes. The caterer I hired for the lunches and the dinner turned out to be way more than I expected – the food was DEEElicious!  Many, many thanks again to GAMMILL for bringing all the machines so each student has their own machine to work on during the week. more