Episode 614 is live!

Linda continues and finishes her work on a pervasively finished quilt. You will be show the wonders of reloading old quilts and added new life to them. Check it out as part of Linda’s exclusive video club!

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And for our FREE youtube channel, we have posted Episode 208 (part 1). Linda’s guest Anita Shackelford demonstrated drafting feather designs into any space! Check it out today!

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My Computerized Pattern Club is finally here!

Exciting New Pattern Club!Linda's Pattern Club

My beautiful new freehand designs have been digitized for computerized machines.  Join my new club for never-before-seen computerized patterns each month. From simple edge-to-edge to complex heirloom quilting, it has it all. Many of my patterns will also be available on paper rolls for you free-hand pantograph quilters. (Don’t worry I still love you too!)
To join, go to my new iPatternStudio pattern marketplace. I even have many of my good friends whose patterns are available at the same place.
To get my patterns on paper visit longarmsupplies.net. The staff is quick and kind.
If you have a computerized machine and have not downloaded the trial version of iPatternStudio to see how easy it is to organize your patterns and buy new ones, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD the trial today!
Not sure what iPatternStudio is? Here is a video that will take you through what it is and how it can make your life easier if you are a computerizes longarm quilter.
Have a wonderful day!
Linda V. Taylor

Refining Technical Skills now available in 3 formats…

I have found from teaching the world around, that technical skills in the most sought after class I teach. My video Refining Technical Skills covers the essential skills of loading a quilt, using a laser light and pantograph patterns as well as embellishing. This video is a MUST HAVE for all longarm quilters.

I am excited to announce that you can get them video 3 different ways! First, you can buy a DVD physical copy. Secondly, subscribe to this site and view the video immediately via video streaming. And finally, you can buy an electronic version for download to your computer for viewing at any time through Vimeo.com. Check the trailer before, and then click one of the links to get your copy, your way, right away!

DVD Physical Copy :

$20.95 (tax incl.)

Techniques covered in this wonderful DVD by Linda V. Taylor are: Proper Setup of the quilt, Stabalizing the…

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Techniques covered in this wonderful DVD by Linda V. Taylor are: Proper Setup of the quilt, Stabalizing the quilt, stitch in the ditch, borders and corners, dead-end borders and sashing, pattern placement and setting design motifs (approx 60 minutes)

Video Streaming Subscription : 

Vimeo.com Download :
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New video montage for Linda up on Youtube.

Enjoy the montage from Linda’s life, websites and experiences!


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