Success Story- Just Believe

Here is an email I recently received from a wonderful student in Ohio.  I just had to share it with you all because you are all worth so much more than you believe!
Dear Linda
After taking your class this summer at Doug and Martha’s “touch of thread” I came home and quilted my granddaughters quilt as you suggested. She not only won project of the day in our county, she won at the Ohio State Fair as well. Thank you very much for your advice! She was thrilled, as you can imagine. I also took your suggestion to raise my prices. You assured me I would not lose customers and asked me to let you know how that went. You were right again. I am as busy as ever and making a whole lot more. I am enjoying adding the new designs I learned from you to my quilting and my customers really like those. Life is good.
Thanks again for wonderful classes and great advice.
Blessings, Dale Rubel

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