FREE turkey pattern!

To get your free turkey pattern, you have two options. 

#1 Download this 4 page PDF file. You can print it out, and tape it together. Use your laser light to follow the lines. If you would like the pattern printed on a single large sheet of paper, you can purchase it for $5.00 (includes shipping) from Linda’s Electric Quilters (1-800-893-2748).

#2 Download a free digital file for computerized longarm machines. Go to , ‘buy’ the free pattern. You must have iPatternStudio Desktop installed on your computer to download the file. You can download the FREE trial of the software. Create an account with iPatternStudio and when you add the pattern to your cart and ‘checkout’ you will be able to download the pattern for FREE. Go to iPatternStudio to learn more.


  1. Hi Linda: although the pattern is marked as QLI, I cannot download the design.
    Please help, I dont want to miss out on this gorgeous gift.
    Thank you so much.

  2. I have a Shirley Stitcher and sewed out the turkey. It had two extra jumps in the middle of the pattern where they were not needed. Do you know if it matters whether I use a dxf file vs a qli file? I would like to know before making future purchases

    • Thank you for the feedback. The DXf and QLI should sew out the same. If you can give an approximate location of the jumps and I can check with the pattern artist if they are intentional, or if we need to release an update.

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