Yesterday we had the best day ever…

Yesterday we had the best day ever.  Bruce and Kaye Brown took us to see Sydney.  I know you would need more than one day to see it, but at least we got to see the high points.  We went to the harbor and took a ferry around the harbor.  There were so many ships in the water, some of them really old, they looked like old pirate ships.  We really got a good look at the opera house and all the high rise buildings around the harbor.  I thought it was amazing, I was just soaking it all in.  Then we got on the “red” bus which is a stop and hop bus.  That means you can get on one and get off at any place it stops, then just return to a stop and catch the next bus. The tour was awesome. Sydney is has some very old memorial sites and then brand new buildings, side by side…

We went to the fish market just in time to get the last fish and chips of the day.  We sat on the harbor and ate with very fine company.  It was delightful.
While we were stopped at a light on the bus, Bruce yelled out to the pedestrians, “George Cloney is on this bus.”  People were trying to peer inside the bus, it was very funny!
I suppose the most eye-opening thing to me was the sheer number of people everywhere I looked.  They were running here and there, shopping, I suppose some were working.  They looked like they were from everywhere in the world.
I love the way Aussies talk.  I could listen to them all day long.  They know something about everything, they are very knowledgeable.
We have enjoyed our stay with the Browns very much.  Kaye is a great cook and makes every meal special.  They went out of their way to make sure we tasted all the very best of Australia and we loved it all except we don’t like Vegemite.  They say they are raised on it from the time they are little, but it is very salty for us.
Bruce was a driving guide, telling us about everything all the time to help us understand how wonderful his country is, and we certainly agree. Thank you again to both of them for hosting us here and organizing the wonderful class we had with all our new Statler owner friends.


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