We have had the time of our lives here in Adelaide.

We have had the time of our lives here in Adelaide.  My dear friends, Sharon  and Alison (friends I met last time I was in Australia 2003) have shown us around the town in style.

We were able to visit Adelaide’s incredible animal reserve.  The kangaroos were everywhere and we could feed them right out of our hands.  I think that lowered Rick’s blood pressure right back to normal.  He really loved it.  We also petted the Koalas, they are very very soft; and we also petted a dingo.  This dingo was born and raised in the park, he was a very beautiful gold color, looked like a big dog.  The birds are all amazing colors and look like they belong in cages, but they are everywhere in the trees, no bars.  It just surprises  you to see them sitting a tree, it’s amazing.

We also got to a beautiful look-out point where we could see the city of Adelaide and then onto the peninsula and ocean – breath taking.
Today we went to Haige’s chocolate factory.  This is very famous chocolate in Australia and is all made here in Adelaide and then shipped around Australia.

A highlight of our visit was a trip to see the LDS Adelaide Temple.  It was closed for 2 weeks for cleaning so we couldn’t get a look inside, but it was beautiful outside and I have never seen such beautiful temple grounds with all the spring flowers opening up.  We were able to stop and see the Sydney temple when we were there as well. I can’t wait to see the Auckland Temple.

I forgot to mention, when we were in the Sydney area, we were able to go to our church and we met a young guy there who told us he was a rugby player.  I forgot his name but he was extremely friendly and good-looking.  Since we have been in Adelaide, we have been watching the news.  They are having a ball game like our “super bowl” with rugby and right there on the television we saw this guy with his team, the Bull Dogs. Imagine that, we didn’t know how famous he was and when we mentioned it to our friends, they all knew him. Apparently, he took 2 years off to go on his mission for the church, they were all impressed with that.  I don’t take sides in games much because I’m not that interested, but I really hope the Bull Dogs win the grand prize this weekend.

Even better than all this are the wonderful students who have been in my classes since Thursday.  They are enthusiastic and so so nice to me. They make me feel very welcome and seemed pleased that I am here to teach them.  The organizers of the show, Tracey Browning in particular, have been very helpful and welcoming and efficient.  The show seems well run and the teachers I have talked to are very happy.  Tracey was even so nice to give me a little kangaroo with a joey in its pouch to give to my daughter, Wendy.  Wendy will really love it.



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