YouTube Channel a great success!

We are happy to thank everyone for the attention to our new YouTube channel. The more subscribers the channel gets, the more content we can create and post there for everyone, FREE!


With hundreds of subscribers and thousands of views in just a week, we are excited for what lies ahead for the channel, and

Be sure to visit the channel and subscribe if you have not already done so!



  1. I stumbled across your YouTube shows, and am delighted! They are providing me with encouragement and practical information as I look to restarting my fledgling longarm business after relocating 2000 miles across country. When Linda was on Simply Quilting, with Alex Anderson, was the first time I saw or heard of a longarm machine. As Linda and the longarm were introduced, my husband covered his eyes and wailed, in mock despair, “Nooooo, don’t show it to her; she’ll want one!” And, 8 years later I finally got my first longarm. Thank you, Linda, for sparking my entry into the world of machine quilting.

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