Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Back to Work I go.

Well it’s been hard today to try to settle back into work, not the quilting part, but the unanswered emails and phone calls.  The cruise was unbelievable to me and my husband.  We just kept saying how much fun we were having and how wonderful all the people are that were with us, the other teachers (Pam Clarke, Kimmy Brunner, and Deloa Jones), the organizers (Debbie Luttrell and her son, Clay and Dana Goyer), and especially the incredible students, all eager to learn everything they possibly could while they were in class.  They were serious students and we were serious teachers while the ship was at sea and then when it docked we all did excursions and had a blast.  We all ate together at dinner every night and I can’t even describe how delightful it was.  I tried to sit at a different table each night so I could get to know everyone better.  I’m still not very good at remembering everyone’s names.  I really really wish that was one of my talents, but sadly, I forget my kids’ names often.

I will tell you more about some of the excursions I did that really affected my attitude and touched my heart, but I have to wait until I figure out how to put a picture from my phone on this post, hopefully, tomorrow my son-in-law, Todd, will help me.

My Wyoming retreats are more than half full now and I haven’t been to any shows yet. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about July.  I just keep getting more and more ideas to implement to make it so so wonderful. The entire community is on board.  Can’t wait!

I feel so blessed. Somewhere in my wicked, miserable youth, I must have done something good.


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