Cruise coming up

Well, I’ve never been on a cruise before and I am so looking forward to a little warmer weather and a great time with quilter friends and my husband. We leave in 3 weeks.  The very first cruise with longarm teachers. It will be a blast.

It is snowing here today.  Yesterday, as we were driving down the hill to church, we watched the temperature drop to -4 degrees.  We are always about 5-8 degrees a little warmer where we live on the hill.  I think it’s because the Salt River is on the other side of the highway and it gets colder as you get closer to the river.  I must say, it is beautiful in mornings with the frost buildup on every branch of every tree.  It is on the telephone lines, it is on the barb wire fences.  The snow glitters in the sun like it has been sprinkled with glitter.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I wish I was a photographer.  I would take pictures like mad.  Just before noon, it usually starts to melt just enough to drop off the branches.  It looks like it is snowing just around the tree.  I guess that’s why I live here.  I really do love the colder weather and the warm fire in my log cabin, and I must say, it truly gets me in the mood for quilting in my studio.

Today, I am working on a graduation quilt for my nephew, Jason.  It is more like a modern quilt and so I am very excited to see what happens.  He picked out the pattern and my sister, Arline Jones, pieced it for him.  He’s her grandson, of course.  It is for his dorm room.  We will film every bit of it for you.  I’d better get to work!

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