FREE turkey pattern!

To get your free turkey pattern, you have two options. 

#1 Download this 4 page PDF file. You can print it out, and tape it together. Use your laser light to follow the lines. If you would like the pattern printed on a single large sheet of paper, you can purchase it for $5.00 (includes shipping) from Linda’s Electric Quilters (1-800-893-2748).

#2 Download a free digital file for computerized longarm machines. Go to , ‘buy’ the free pattern. You must have iPatternStudio Desktop installed on your computer to download the file. You can download the FREE trial of the software. Create an account with iPatternStudio and when you add the pattern to your cart and ‘checkout’ you will be able to download the pattern for FREE. Go to iPatternStudio to learn more.

My Computerized Pattern Club is finally here!

Exciting New Pattern Club!Linda's Pattern Club

My beautiful new freehand designs have been digitized for computerized machines.  Join my new club for never-before-seen computerized patterns each month. From simple edge-to-edge to complex heirloom quilting, it has it all. Many of my patterns will also be available on paper rolls for you free-hand pantograph quilters. (Don’t worry I still love you too!)
To join, go to my new iPatternStudio pattern marketplace. I even have many of my good friends whose patterns are available at the same place.
To get my patterns on paper visit The staff is quick and kind.
If you have a computerized machine and have not downloaded the trial version of iPatternStudio to see how easy it is to organize your patterns and buy new ones, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD the trial today!
Not sure what iPatternStudio is? Here is a video that will take you through what it is and how it can make your life easier if you are a computerizes longarm quilter.
Have a wonderful day!
Linda V. Taylor

Success Story- Just Believe

Here is an email I recently received from a wonderful student in Ohio.  I just had to share it with you all because you are all worth so much more than you believe!
Dear Linda
After taking your class this summer at Doug and Martha’s “touch of thread” I came home and quilted my granddaughters quilt as you suggested. She not only won project of the day in our county, she won at the Ohio State Fair as well. Thank you very much for your advice! She was thrilled, as you can imagine. I also took your suggestion to raise my prices. You assured me I would not lose customers and asked me to let you know how that went. You were right again. I am as busy as ever and making a whole lot more. I am enjoying adding the new designs I learned from you to my quilting and my customers really like those. Life is good.
Thanks again for wonderful classes and great advice.
Blessings, Dale Rubel

Classes in New Zealand and Houston, TX

Where does the time go?  Anyone else noticing that time goes faster now than ever?  It has seemed like a whirlwind since I returned from New Zealand and Australia. The students in New Zealand were as amazing as the Aussies – so enthusiastic and appreciative.  My class on the domestic machines went like a dream for me.  I rarely see students so focused on their work.  I had sent my file for the stitched out fans to one of the longarm students who had a computerized machine in NZ and she had stitched out all the stabilized samplers for the students.  That made it a lot easier for them to completely focus on the designs. Really, I was amazed at how well they did and nearly all of them finished their samplers in class.  I loved meeting each and everyone of them.  The next day, the longarm students were just as enthusiast.  It was a demo class so they did a lot of drawing and hopefully went home to practice their new library of designs.  It was fun because we were free to talk about what mattered most to them.  I think we covered a lot of ground.  It was almost like one of the retreats that I hold here in Star Valley, WY.

Yes, I was introduced to new foods.  My most favorite was Melissa’s cheese macaroni with ham, and the CRONUTS.  Cronuts are a combination of crescents and donuts – deep fried and flavored.  I loved the carmel and Rick’s favorite was the strawberry-rhubarb.  Yum, yum.  I’m still working on working those 3 cronuts off, I’m just saying….

Well, another great year at Houston.  The classes and students were awesome.  Everyone comes with such a desire to learn about longarm quilting. There were many beginners, just so cute, they don’t have a clue how good they are already.  They have such an advantage to learn so fast from the best teachers in the world.  Some students come to advance their skills and they are so so good.  I can just see it in their eyes when they learn a new skill and realize how valuable it will be in their everyday quilting.

I am preparing now for a mini retreat next week, here in Star Valley for three days.  The students are all from this area and surrounding states, so no worries about the wonderful cold arctic weather we have had the past 2 days.

Thank you to everyone who took any of my classes in Sydney, Adelaide, Auckland and Houston.  The fact is, if you weren’t there, I wouldn’t have been there.  I love quilting, but I love teaching and being with students even more!