We now have Quick Fix Clamps!

I use these all the time to quickly load projects for workshops, testing designs and stitch quality, etc… Get a set today!

clamps2Attach your quilt in no time! Quick Fix Quilt Clamps allows you to: -Float a quilt -Test your machine tension -Test a design before sewing -Add more stitches to a design -Sew a missed block Quick Fix Quilt Clamps come 4 to a package and fits a 3" bar
Price: $9.00

We can count on change.

You know one thing I’ve learned over the years is that the only thing we can count on is change.

We are changing the look of our internet site. We have taken a look at what you like to watch on the quilting school
and are adjusting for that.  Thank you so much for watching me quilt.  I love doing this for you to inspire you with ideas for your own quilts.
I promise to do more quilting every month for you, since I have a new studio just for filming.