Epsiode 208 & Linda’s Tools

What a great new year! You can now watch episode 208 (both parts) below. You will take a look at combining quilting and embroidery, and my friends and guest Anita Shackelford shows us how to draft feather designs and use templates.

Also, I have added my tools and templates videos to my YouTube Channel. You can see great tips on using the amazing tools.

And for my exclusive members CLICK HERE… check out episode 615, where Karen Farnsworth shows us wonderful Tree Napins.Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.04.14 PM

FREE Christmas Pattern!

To get your free Christmas placemat Santa pattern, you have two options. 

#1 Download this 4 page PDF file. You can print it out, and tape it together. Use your laser light to follow the lines. If you would like the pattern printed on a single large sheet of paper, you can purchase it for $5.00 (includes shipping) from Linda’s Electric Quilters (1-800-893-2748).

#2 Download a free digital file for computerized longarm machines. (NOTE: Right-click on the following links and ‘save as…’ to save the files to your computer.

Santa Placemat Zip Folder

Have iPatternStudio? Follow THIS LINK to get the pattern for FREE and automatically download to your pattern library.

The Stocking Patterns are currently only available within the iPatternStudio Pattern Marketplace. This and other great Christmas patterns are available now. FOLLOW THIS LINK to see them.

Visit Gammill Quilting Systems and thank them for making this FREE pattern series possible!
Also check out iPatternStudio to learn about the industry’s remarkable digital pattern organizer and marketplace!

Quilting Out of the Flower Box

I am in a unique business. I teach quilters how to quilt on the longarm quilting machines. After the basic skills are learned, the most frequently asked questions are: “How do you know what to quilt on the quilt? What will best compliment the piecework? How do you go about choosing the designs?”

Sometimes the customer has a definite plan or specific designs in mind, but more and more often the longarm quilter is left to choose what they feel will be the best.  Actually, this is a sensible approach since experienced longarm quilters are exposed to hundreds of quilts and ideas for quilting. They develop a good eye for what truly will enhance the piecework and become the experts on quilting designs.

I suggest to my longarm students, and I believe it would be a good idea for all quilters, to start a “design library” of their own on quilting ideas, pictures and designs. This can be accomplished several ways: more

Episode 614 is live!

Linda continues and finishes her work on a pervasively finished quilt. You will be show the wonders of reloading old quilts and added new life to them. Check it out as part of Linda’s exclusive video club!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.57.14 AM


And for our FREE youtube channel, we have posted Episode 208 (part 1). Linda’s guest Anita Shackelford demonstrated drafting feather designs into any space! Check it out today!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.00.09 AM